Heartbreak Club

Heartbreak Club


the club


The HeartBreak Club is a collection of 2,000 hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFT’s on the Cardano blockchain that combine the experience of HeartBreak with the expressive and individualistic nature of fashion.

heartbreak club

2000 unique NFTs | 500 plus attributes | Cardano blockchain

become a member

As a member of the HeartBreak Club, you’ll be a part of a dedicated team of developers, builders, curators, and influencers who share a passion for the intersection of blockchain technology, high-end streetwear and fashion, and the loves that got away…

perks of becoming a

In addition you will also have exclusive access to the Heartbreak Club clothing line, comprised of custom-made shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, accessories, and more, all designed by hand and printed in the U.S.A.

the future

In the near future we will be airdopping a token which will be the digital ticket to access "seasons" of the heartbreak club clothing line. The line will be available to purchase exclusively for holders of the tickets. The more tickets, the more exclusive the tiers of the line they can access. Higher tiers can be embroidered jackets, merch with personalized and numbered HBC NFT's, pins, hats, and access to our team's upcoming Cardano in-person events.

the team

The team behind the HeartBreak Club are the next generation of Cardano Enthusiasts who are being advised by well respected members of the Cardano Community. These members include skilled developers, Cardano experts, designers, and visionaries who want to make HeartBreak Club into something both unique and innovative. We have collaborated with FragMint who also collaborated on Worlds Within the first VR NFT on Cardano and Minting is being handled by Tygar